Dogs and trains

Sometimes, crossing borders changes things quite miraculously – while Laos and Thailand share many things (such as the language coming from the same family), they couldn’t be more different: after a dusty 40-min-ride on a Songthiaw (an open bus with two long benches facing each other), we got to the Thanaleng train station, the one and only in Laos. To finally enter a train again after 5 months of staying in a country without train tracks was – amazing. Definitely my favourite means of transport (next to my own feet).The Thai night train to Bangkok felt like a luxury hotel, the cities we passed were huge and full of lights and life, reminding me of Western metropolises (only bigger). Somewhat it felt like Thailand was even more developed than many European countries, which was really confusing since it is Laos’ neighbour, one of the world’s least developed countries. But in Laos, they did not have a problem with stray dogs! (maybe the Vietnamese took care of that : ))


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