28.2. – 9.3.

Grilled fish, last bag of sticky rice; Vientiane, Laos.

Vegetable sandwiches; Nong Khai train station, Thailand.

Rice with vegetables; train station restaurant, Bangkok.

Our first Pad Thai, street stall, Prachuap Kiri Khan.

Our first yellow curry, rice, salad; Ko Tao island.

Long live the fruit shake! Watermelonshake, carrot juice; Ko Tao.

Snorkeling lunch box: rice, fried egg, curry; boat around Ko Tao.

Best Thai food ever! – Seafood salad, Pad Thai, rice, …; Ko Tao.

Escaped the tourist island, finally back to Thailand: Sweet sticky rice, joghurt, fried things; breakfast booth, Surat Thani bus station.

Orange curry, seafood salad; street restaurant, Trang.

Heavenly fish in lemon sauce, sticky rice (!!); Pakmeng beach restaurant.

Fried rice with crab; seafood restaurant Hat Yao.

Banana pancakes, Nescafé; our home restaurant, Hat Yao.


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