25.9. – 3.11. – 27.2.

Sweet sticky rice with coconut; street vendor, Luang Prabang.

Mekong fish with sticky rice; food stall, Luang Prabang.

Sweet sticky rice cooked in bamboo; bus to Phonsavan.

Fried veggies on rice (Latna phak), Yam salad; Simmaly restaurant, Phonsavan.

Vegetable sandwiches (to be continued in endless variations); our terrace, Phonsavan.

BBQ & grilled fish to welcome back Mr. Njai; Jars Café, Phonsavan.

Boiled dark corn (no, it’s not rotten); day market, Phonsavan.

Strange little glibbery pancakes; Phonsavan fresh market.

Our traditional weekend pancake breakfast; our terrace, Phonsavan.

Home-made pizza (before being drowned in ketchup); Jars Café, Phonsavan.

Noodle soup; Simmaly, Phonsavan.

Hmong Wedding feast (I had the rice); village out of Phonsavan.

Lao Wedding feast; the couple’s backyard, Phonsavan.

Papayasalad with sticky rice; street restaurant, Vientiane.

Rice with omelett; street restaurant, Nong Khai, Thailand (to renew my visa).

I stopped taking food pictures as soon as it became clear it would go on like this for the next few months (sandwiches, noodle soup, rice with veggies, sandwiches, noodle soup, rice with veggies, …) The photos are really about the places and memories that are different from the everyday – which was in Phonsavan for five rather unexpected months, except for some small escapades to Sayabouly, Luang Prabang, and Vientiane. Delicious!


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