Monthly Archives: November 2011

… and up we float in the air into the unknown…!


First time my bags get fully unpacked since 2 months… and my clothes washed, like seriously washed, meaning getting clean and smelling nice. And thanks to Tabea, I can now call a house with garden (and banana trees!) my new Lao home!

In Luang Prabang, the subtle feeling of having arrived somewhere quickly sneaked in – knowing that I would stay in Lao for at least 2 months immediately changed my mindset from traveling to arriving. Very weird, but not bad! My friend Tabea arrived one day later and we still had two days of ‘vacation’ before we would start to become serious workers in my new and her old job. With her, I had a semi-local guide who introduced me to sticky rice, Tuktuk drivers, ghost houses, hairy trees, and other curiosities…