Monthly Archives: October 2011


There was weird sounds coming from the lower trunk of the bus – it was filled with small chicken and ducks! But one escaped and me and my fellow traveler from Israel caught it to save it from its probably dark destiny. We gave it to a local who promised to treat it well – well, let’s hope until it lands on the plate it will have a happy life!

I will come back and check out the other side of you big huge bustling lovely country! Thanks to all you great people I met along the way – Chaokejile, Oyuka, Debuxile, Andrea, Remi and friends, Klaus and his wife, Craig, Beth, Sini, Karol, Valentina and friends, all the train and bus companions, and of course, to all the kiosk owners, cooks, snack and fruit sellers, hostels, and guesthouses for great food and hospitality!!!!

When I saw the first leaves turning yellow in Kunming, I realized that I had been traveling for a season already. Karol’s and my paths had parted in the gorge. I was traveling alone again, but not for long –  I stayed with an Italian friend of an Italian friend of mine, Valentina, who had moved to Kunming around two months before. She had studied Chinese as a major for 5 years and now lives in China for a year to practice the language with locals and visit additional language classes. Having the idea in mind to possibly move to China for some time, it was great to meet her and some of her friends to learn about their experiences. They were all studying Chinese, with some of them teaching English to school kids and adults to earn some extra money. It is an easy and sought-for possibility for potential expats to make a living in China. Hmm, new ideas!