Monthly Archives: September 2011

Fried rice with eggs; Erlian bus station

Moon cake, sweet filled rice dumplings; Beijing

French pastries, water, orange juice; at Remi’s place in Beijing

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes (staple food for the next 3 weeks), veggies, tea: Remi’s favourite canteen, Beijing

French pastries, market fruits; at Remi’s

Hotpot (raw ingredients thrown into boiling broth); shopping centre in Beijing

Rice with mushrooms, soup, salad; fast food chain, Pearl Market, Beijing

Usual suspects, but with noodles!; by the Great Wall

Veggies with sesame sauce; street restaurant, Beijing

Goodbye dinner: Squirrel-shaped fish!!!; Remi’s canteen


As usual, I was lucky with my buddies from the train compartment (a Mongolian-Chinese couple plus their litte brother), who literally brought me to the bus station in Erlian because they didn’t think I could possibly make it alone (they even ordered and paid my first Chinese meal! Xiexie again!). The plan was to take the sleeper bus from Erlian to Beijing, where I would arrive at a dawny 4 am in a messy backyard of the still-unknown. Conclusion: Amongst all means of transport the most uncomfortable so far! You stick your legs under the head of your front neighbour, but if your body lenght exceeds the Chinese 160 cm – standard, you have to come up with some creative positions!  How do they say in Laos: Same same, but different! But so much fun because shared with the Italian traveler Andrea, who I met at the station and hung out with for the whole trip to China. Cheers to Milan!

After getting sick on the countryside, I was so lucky to find a guesthouse which immediately became my beloved home due to the owner, Oyuna, whose terrific omelettes surely contributed to my quick recovery. During my stay, I did not only indulge into omelettes, but also got to know a bunch of great fellow travellers, who were also taking good care of me (be it nightly beers with a talkative Czech guy -even though my stomach couldn’t really take it- or a friendly Italian sharing his chlorine drops and cooked potatoes). I can highly recommend this place if you ever happen to go to Ulan Bataar! Thanks, Oyuna and fellow guests!

Don’t get me wrong, I really truly loved it in China, where I spent the last few weeks of my travels. But: it also granted me a month of unvoluntary leisure from blogging, Facebook, and several other sites… So be prepared for a flood of new posts in the next few days from my new homebase in Phonsavan, Laos!